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The Opening Growl
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About Bud Rolfs

Bud Rolfs joins the TFNN family as chief technical analyst in the “Tiger Trading Post“. Bud originally hails from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Coming from a small rural community, Bud was raised in an environment that placed great value on such characteristics as honesty, responsibility, and hard work. “What I believe I personally brought to that environment was a tremendous drive for achievement, a great appreciation for creativity, and a warm sense of humor,“ Bud humbly adds.

In the late 60’s, at the height of the Vietnam War, Bud’s sense of duty lead him toward service to our country. And so it was that upon graduation from High School, Bud received acceptances from the U. S. Coast Guard Academy and the United States Military Academy at West Point, as well as a full 4-year ROTC scholarship to Drexel University. Bud chose West Point and after 4 arduous years graduated as part of the “Proud and Free Class of ’73“. “I knew that leadership would be a lifelong pursuit whatever vocation I wound up pursuing, and that no where was there a greater tradition of leadership training than West Point.“ With a wink he observes, “But getting a ’taste of leadership’ at West Point was sometimes a bit like getting a drink of water from a fire hose!“ During his 5 year active duty tour, Bud served as a Field Artillery officer with the 1st Infantry Division in Ft. Riley Kansas and Germany, receiving the Army Commendation Medal.

Upon leaving the service in 1978, Bud accepted a production supervisor’s position with Polaroid Corporation, and followed that with an outstanding 25 year stint with Polaroid and Analogic Corporation highlighted by significant achievements in operations, engineering, and program areas of the business. “I guess the common thread across those many years was my ability to achieve unprecedented results through leveraging innovative approaches to the analysis and application of critical data combined with a passion to bring out the best in all those whom I was so honored to work with,“ Bud offers. Perhaps an excellent example of those talents was Bud’s role in the development of statistical process control and his leadership in one of the nation’s first large scale operator-controlled product release system, named by Bud as “Operation Greenlight“. “By developing and training the production folks in the appropriate quality control tools, we were able to eliminate the need for tollgate auditing by a separate ’quality department’ thus putting both the build and release functions in the hands of the people making the product.“ While that may sound pretty tame nowadays, in the early ’80s it was such a bold step forward in efficiency and cultural change that Bud’s achievements became the subject of a Harvard Business Review case study that is still used by many undergraduate and postgraduate level courses to this day.

Some of Bud’s other achievements over the years include development and leadership of a number of teambuilding and management workshops, as well as the development of diversity training workshops utilized by such organizations as the Tennessee Valley Authority. Bud also developed a significant ’following’ over the years providing technical analysis on a variety of websites under the codename ’Tiger 1590’, chosen in honor of his mentor and friend, Tom O’Brien. “Though I had been a student and successful practitioner of technical analysis for many years, I had never reached the tremendous level of success I enjoy now prior to meeting Tom. No one before Tom had ever pulled together quite the mix of Fibonacci, volume, candles, and technical indicators that Tom has. . . “ Bud remarks. “Technical analysis is all about increasing one’s probabilities of success. Though Tom’s system makes things a lot more black and white, there is also a subtlety and nuance required in bringing it all together successfully in trading. Luckily my long history of getting results through creative operations analysis helped me to quickly appreciate and absorb Tom’s approach to integrating the signals and making the right calls a high percentage of the time. That Tom also brings to the mix his uniquely positive and inspiring leadership combined with his genuine desire to help others was also a critical aspect.“ adds Bud.

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