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About David White

David is a new breed of market technician using statistical physics to infer market moves. Sometimes called Econophysics, it incorporates theories and methods originally developed by physicists in order to solve problems in economics and understand market prices.

After investigating the many different ways technicians attempted to predict market moves, Dave realized that a formula that can mean anything - actually means nothing. If something works, it must be able to be tested so an investor will know when and how well that method will work in the markets. After years of testing and programming models of the market, the light finally went off and Dave began his second great learning experience in his life; statistical physics. This education led to the development of the tool he invented called the Power Law Vector Indicator.

Briefly, the Power Law Vector Indicator is Dave's tool to find overwhelming odds in the market to place trades by looking for the largest differentials in price and volume movements and finding ways to exploit supply and demand. At a point, the odds start to go logarithmic for a change in price direction and he developed the science to find it and the program to scan for them.

Each market day he writes the Path of Least Resistance newsletter, pointing out these opportunities in trading. Click here to try The Path of Least Resistance right now for free.

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