Larry Pesavento ~ Pattern Recognition and Astro Harmonics Expert

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Trade What You See or The Futures Hour
Larry Pesavento
Monday & Wednesday Noon to 1 PM EST (Trade What You See) or Thursday Noon to 1 PM EST (The Futures Hour)

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Call in live and talk to Larry Pesavento: 877-927-6648 | 727-445-1044 (international)
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About Larry Pesavento

Larry Pesavento is a forty year veteran trader. He managed Drexel Burnham Lambert’s Commodity department and is a former member of the C.M.E., where he was a local in the S & P pit. Larry has been a guest on FNN (now CNBC) and is the author of nine books on trading, he currently is a private trader for a large hedge fund. Larry uses a system of pattern recognition in his trading. This approach eliminates the random nature of market action. Since 1985, his focus has been weighted heavily on NASDAQ stocks with special emphasis on Internet stocks. He has one of the most extensive trading libraries in the world, which he utilized in his personal training of over 800 traders in the past thirteen years.

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