Buying and Selling The 'D' Point
by Steve Rhodes
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Buying and Selling The 'D' Point

by Steve Rhodes

Compress decades into hours by learning the single best technique for entering and exiting the markets - buying and selling the D point of an AB=CD pattern.

  • Works on all time frame charts, weekly, daily, 30 minute ........
  • Works for all stocks, ETF's, commodities, currency pairs and futures contracts.
  • Works on markets around the world.

Steve will teach you to become the Master of the C to D leg.
95% of all markets move in an AB=CD pattern. Steve will teach you how to recognize the A point, the B point, the C point and how to trade the D point.

Entry techniques worth millions.
Traders/Investors typically use one calculation to enter and exit a trade. Steve will teach you how to get a "second opinion". This one technique alone will pay for the course 1,000's of times over during a trading/investing career.

The 4 primary candlestick patterns to confirm the D point of the AB=CD pattern.

How to use "Sacred Geometry"
You will learn how to calculate expansions and contractions of swing points.
You will learn the use of the Fibonacci Summation numbers in trading/investing.

How to calculate leading indicator patterns before they occur.
Gartley & Butterfly patterns.

Learn the "Danger Signals" in the C:D leg
Gaps, Wide Ranging Bars & Tail closes

Learn the 3 drives to a top or bottom patterns

Steve will teach you the single most important part of trading and investing

  • How to operate as a business
  • Money management
  • Position sizing
  • Creating the "Expectancy Table"

Teach how to avoid getting stopped out to early
Average True Range