Candlesticks: Silent Signals and the Speed of Trust On-Demand Webinar
by Steve Rhodes
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Candlesticks: Silent Signals and The Speed of Trust

by Steve Rhodes

Here's what you'll learn:

• How to read the markets message quickly & accurately
• The power of the "silent signals" which include:

  • How to identify early reversals - to protect profits & tighten stops
  • When & where to enter a trade
  • When to exit a trade
• How to identify the psychology of the market
• Where support and resistance is
• How to get into a new trend before others see it


• The progression of bullish to the most bullish candles - not all bullish candles are equal in strength
• The progression of bearish to the most bearish candles - not all bearish candles are equal in strength
• How to combine candles with other indicators, such as AB=CD patterns, Gartley Patterns, Butterfly Patterns, Moving Averages

You'll also learn money management in trading candle patterns including:

• Reward/Risk
• Stop management
• Exit strategies

Steve will cover various candle signals and formations:

• Single candle signals - bull and bear signals
• Double candle patterns - bull and bear signals
• Triple candle patterns - bull and bear signals
• Continuation candles

Steve will show you how to find high probability trades and he'll even show you how to use candles when trading futures and forex (they are different than stocks!).