Diagnostic Box Spread Analyzer
by Darrell Martin
For a limited time get a free 30 day trial subscription to Darrell Martin's new software tool, The Diagnostic Box Spread Analyzer (up to a $60 value).  This includes access to the Diagnostic Box Spread Analyzer and the Diagnostic Deviation Levels, as well as step by step training videos teaching you how to trade Nadex spreads so you can quickly master the mechanics of this simple, yet powerful, trading instrument.

Select from one of the groups below, or get all of them, and see how this powerful new tool can help you find the best Nadex spread trades in seconds!

You may cancel anytime during the free trial period by calling our office and you will not be billed. Otherwise, after your free trial period, we will bill you for your subscription automatically, at the current monthly rate based on the group you select. Thereafter, your Diagnostic Box Spread Analyzer subscription will renew automatically on a monthly basis, and we will charge the credit card we have on file.

All Markets - Commodities, Forex, and US Index Futures -
30 Days free, then $119/mo.
US Indices Group - 30 Days free, then $79/mo.
Forex Group - 30 Days free, then $79/mo.
Commodities Group - 30 Days free, then $79/mo.
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by Darrell Martin

The Diagnostic Box Spread Analyzer helps you easily identify the best box spreads on Nadex in seconds. Plus, you receive access to the Diagnostic Deviation Levels as well as step by step training videos teaching you how to trade Nadex spreads so you can quickly master the mechanics of this simple, yet powerful, trading instrument.

Time is money!

With the Diagnostic Box Spread Analyzer you quickly identify the spread versus having to do math on all the different spreads and missing the trading opportunity or giving up potential profit by picking the wrong spreads. It pulls live data from the Nadex exchange and does all the "math" for you, calculating risk, reward potential, distance to breakeven for both outright spreads and spreads used to hedge the underlying market. You can easily filter trades by risk, reward, risk/reward ratio, time to expiration, and direction with the click of a mouse. In addition, it comes with a plugin where you can open the ticket, on both live and demo accounts, with the filled in information automatically from the scanner with the simple click of a mouse.

Choose from 4 plans: Commodities, Forex, US Futures Indices, or All Markets and get a 30 day free trial today.

  • Commodities, Forex, US Index Futures - Get all 3 groups for just $119/month
  • US Indices Group - Just $79/month
  • Commodities Group - Just $79/month
  • Forex Group - Just $79/month
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