Fibonacci 24/7
by Larry Pesavento

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Fibonacci 24/7
by Larry Pesavento

Brand new service from Pattern Recognition expert Larry Pesavento

Fibonacci 24/7 is a new service from Larry Pesavento that combines a weekly written report along with daily charts and videos (analysis).

Each Monday you will receive the written report that provides detailed commentary on the charts and videos that Larry sends out.  And each day Larry will send out, via charts or videos (or both), the key markets that he is watching during the day. This will be up-to-date, active trading information that will help you in your daily trading. Larry will send out several charts and videos each day, with the total number based on the volatility of the markets at any given time. The markets that will be covered are as follows:

  • Stock indices, both the US and the German DAX
  • US Treasury Bonds and Treasury Notes
  • Gold and silver, along with gold and silver stocks and the XAU
  • Crude oil, heating oil and gasoline futures
  • Special situations and commodities such as wheat, corn, and beans - and occasionally live cattle
  • Foreign-exchange - this is one of Larry's favorite markets to trade and he follows the major six cross rates versus the US dollar (i.e. the euro, Swiss franc, British pound, Japanese yen, Canadian dollar, and New Zealand dollar)

These newsletters, charts and videos will pinpoint specific turning points based on the patterns that Larry watches, which many of you are familiar with through his years at TFNN.

This is an active service where charts, emails or videos could come at various times during the day or night because of the volatility of the markets. But they will always be timely.