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Buy 500 - Get 550 ($500) - a 10% Bonus
Buy 1000 - Get 1150 ($1000) - a 15% Bonus
Buy 1500 - Get 1800 ($1500) - a 20% Bonus
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Tiger Dollars

Tiger Dollars give you an instant bonus of 10-20% that can be used on all your purchases from TFNN.com.  After you purchase your Tiger Dollars a credit balance will appear on your member’s page including the bonus amount.  Then you will be able to use your Tiger Dollars instead of your credit card to purchase any subscription, book, software or course from TFNN* or Tiger University**.

And you can replenish your Tiger Dollars as often as you like, giving you the ability to take advantage of considerable savings on TFNN products.

Tiger Dollars are offered in three sizes to fit your needs:

  • Purchase $500 Tiger Dollars and receive 50 bonus Tiger Dollars - a 10% Bonus ($550 total)

  • Purchase $1,000 Tiger Dollars and receive 150 bonus Tiger Dollars - a 15% Bonus ($1,150 total)

  • Purchase $1,500 Tiger Dollars and receive 300 bonus Tiger Dollars - a 20% Bonus ($1,800 total)

*Tiger Dollars can only be used on going forward transactions.
**Tiger Dollars are not accepted by Tiger Metals Exchange or Tiger Life.

NOTE: Tiger Dollars are Non-Refundable, yet they never expire and are fully transferable.