Ancestral Comprehensive Daily Nutrition

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Primal Edge: Ancestral Comprehensive Daily Nutrition

Specifically formulated to help with weight loss, better sleep, stress reduction and the need to detox.

Our hunter and gatherer ancestors found all their nutritional requirements for health in their wild environment. But today, our food sources no longer contain the vitamins, minerals and nutrients our bodies need to stay healthy and strong.  That's why we need Primal Edge Daily Nutrition. It includes a special blend of ionic soil-based vitamins, minerals, fatty and amino acids, in an easy to use liquid form.

Primal Edge is powered by highly concentrated fulvic and humic acids, nature's preferred delivery system. They have been called "Miracle Molecules" because, like sunlight, air and cannot exist without them.

That's right. They ensure we receive all the nutrition we need to be healthy and thrive.

Take it every morning! Primal Edge. Formulated and approved by Nico and Paige of "Living A Primal Lifestyle."

Primal Edge comes in two delivery options:

1. AutoShip - never be without your Primal Edge Daily Nutrition.  With our AutoShip option, we'll automatically send you a new bottle of Primal Edge (32 fl oz - a one month supply) every thirty days so you always have some on hand.  Plus, with this option you save 25% and get free shipping on every single order!  This super convenient option is just $89 per month.

2. Individual Bottles - want to stock up or buy some extra bottles to give to friends and family, then the individual bottle option is right for you.  We'll ship them to you for $119 plus $10 shipping and handling, per bottle.

All shipping is done through the United States Postal Service and you will receive your shipment within 3 business days of your order being processed.  All orders will be processed by the next business day after your order has been placed.

What Is In Primal Edge:

Primal Edge includes numerous ingredients for immune and wellness support, stress relief, energy and stamina, digestive health, joint and youth regeneration, liver cleanse and detoxification, cardiovascular support and more.

Important Terms:

Because Primal Edge is a food product (click here to view the nutritional information), we cannot accept any returns and we cannot offer any refunds.  If you are on the AutoShip program, and you'd like to cancel, you may do so at anytime.  You must cancel at least 10 days before your next AutoShip (billing) date in order to avoid being charged.  Once the product has been shipped to you then no refunds can be given.