The Path of Least Resistance
by David White

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Wednesday, January 17th 5:00 pm.

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Put The Power Law Vector Indicator To Work For You!

David White's daily market letter, The Path of Least Resistance, gives you trade recommendations based on David's proprietary Power Law Vector Indicator that put the odds of success overwhelmingly in your favor. He'll give you the entry price, price target, and stop price of each stock and option trade. With The Path of Least Resistance you can put The Power Law Vector Indicator to work for you.


"Short Term Sector Oscillator Webinar"
January 17th, 5:00 pm ET

The Path of Least Resistance newsletter has a new daily feature of short term sector charts that work on both the madness and wisdom of crowds. Most sectors will give you 3 or 4 times a year to hit a home run and with these new tools you can know when to act on short term washouts and blow off tops. This is what I'll be presenting on January 17th.

Join David White on January 17th as he describes the method he uses to recognize these signals on a sector by sector basis. He'll discuss how he used the new tool to buy the gold miners in their seemingly darkest hour in December.

From the major indices, to specific sectors like small caps, Semis, Technology, Biotechs, Healthcare, Internet, Materials, Transports, Retail, Finance, Construction, and Precious metals. I'll show you how these new charts can give you the confidence to understand where you are in the cycle and act at highs and lows.


Here are some example charts Dave will be discussing within the webinar:


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