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The mission of is to reach our listeners and web visitors, directly and interactively. The goal is to assist them in achieving their financial objectives – thoughtfully and prudently – through education and ongoing communication.

Through our interactive website and call in radio talk shows, TFNN is able to teach all levels of investors the technical skills needed for investing in today's marketplace. Through these media, TFNN is able to provide the best technical advice available today. In order to get the best information available, TFNN has assembled the most respected financial minds in the country to provide the most current news and comprehensive advice available.

Many listeners choose to listen to the various talk radio shows by going online and listening to the live internet radio from

The audience finds in Tom’s programs something they won’t find anywhere else on financial talk radio, an education. This unique, educational aspect has helped to give Tom an audience that is extremely devoted and loyal. Tom's views are often quoted on

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Our Audience - Demographics Demographics

"We reach the people who count!"


Male 90%
Female 10%


Adults 45-65 61%

Other Demographics

College Degree or higher 65%
Household income of $100,000 + 40%

Source: TFNN Website Visitor Survey

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For all advertising requests, please contact:

  Radio & Digital Sales
Phone 877-518-9190

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