Tigers Den
Look over Tom's shoulder as he is analyzing charts during the radio broadcast!
In the Tigers Den, you'll be able to do just that. As Tom is analyzing charts during the radio show, he will send over the chart to your desktop, and you will be able to see what he sees. Tom can draw on the chart and you'll see it. The Tigers Den also features a chat room where all the Tigers and Tigresses can chat 24 hours a day. They share experiences, opinions and trading strategies. You will also be able to chat with Tom O’Brien throughout the day, and at specific times such as 9:00 am EST every morning, and hear what he has to say about the market. learn more

The TAS Profile Scanner
The TAS Profile Scanner provides directional bias cues on 2000 total instruments across 15 global exchanges giving you the pulse of the market instantly... learn more

The Art of Timing The Trade Charts
Introducing the Fastest, Easiest, and Most Accurate way to analyze stocks using Tom O'Brien's trading system. Timing The Trade Charts will automatically provide you with Gartley and Butterfly Patterns, swing points, retracement levels, confluence areas, expansion targets, and the Power Law Vector Indicator with just a click of your mouse! And the Gartley Scanner will search thousands of stocks each day and deliver a list of every Gartley and Butterfly pattern it finds, automatically. learn more